March 4-11, 2025

Taiwan – Discovering the Land of Trees, Sea & Qi

Embark on a journey of harmony and rejuvenation in Taiwan with this Qigong and Nature Retreat


Refill Your Soul in this Treasure Island

Are you looking for an adventure that will both rejuvenate and nourish you, AND reignite your spark for the joy and magic of Life? If so, come join us for our 8-day immersion in the magical land and Qi of Taiwan! Every place has its own magic to offer and Taiwan, known as Ilha Formosa, Beautiful Island, has unparalleled richness in its terrains, cultures, cuisines, natural beauty and aliveness that will fill you up and enrich your soul in ways that will bring you joy and aliveness in the next chapter of your life and beyond.

Welcome to Taiwan

What am I Going to Experience?


Daily Qigong Sessions1

Practice refreshing Qigong in city parks, in the mountains, by the ocean, and in the countryside. Let the movement, breath, and meditation bring the moist, full, and fresh Qi of Taiwan’s forests and sea into your pores and nourish the core of your being.


Hot Springs, Tea & Cuisines

Relax in the healing waters of Taiwan’s renowned hot springs. Sip fine Oolong and high-mountain tea with exquisite flavors and enjoy conventional bubble tea at every street corner. Taste traditional Taiwanese, regional Chinese and creative modern fusion foods blending influences from neighboring countries.


Diverse & Vibrant Cultures

Uncover the rich history and traditions of different cultures, from folk customs, traditional Chinese art to indigenous cultures. Learn how indigenous people hunt, gather, weave, and cook delicious dishes with local ingredients from the land and sea.


Stunning Natural Beauty

Hike on a sun-filled mountain path and find the serenity of forests. Breath in the fresh fragrance of grasses and lilies swishing in the lush valley while we meander through the meadow and learn about the plants. Listen to the sound of waves while we stretch our arms toward the sky and praise the geological wonders at our footsteps.


Safe Environment & Friendly Locals

Have delightful conversations with the friendly locals and boldly follow their suggestions and tips to explore authentic local flavors and lifestyle. Dance and sing with generous and hospitable indigenous people and exchange stories to bring back lasting memories.


Joy, Adventure & Connections

“Active Journeys, True Connections.” is our motto. We value learning through our bodies, through quality and depth of experience in new landscapes and with the local people.

We keep our trips small and this intimacy allows for the magic of adventure in a new land to truly come alive. It also connects us in friendship as a group.

Join Us on a Qi Journey

Experience the magic of Taiwan with us!

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Taiwan in Depth

The Heart of Asia

Taiwan is a land of towering sea cliffs, marble-walled gorges, vibrant urban jungles teeming with temples, tea houses, tantalizing treats of bustling night markets, gardens, museums, country villages, stunning wildflowers and butterfly migrations, lantern festivals, and home to over 200 majestic mountains over 10,000ft tall, many with natural pine and hemlock trees in the higher elevations that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. 

With over half of the island being forested and 20% (and growing) protected as national park or forest reserve, Taiwan has immense biological and geographical diversity

Indeed, much of Taiwan’s flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else on earth! Of its 120 mammals, 70% are endemic, including the Formosan rock monkey and the giant flying squirrel. With its diverse range of habitats, Taiwan supports over 650 species of birds, 150 or 17% of which are endemic. And 26% of its plants and 60% of its insects are only found in Taiwan! 

Isn’t this amazing?! 

Seeing and experiencing things you’ve never seen, filling up on vibrant Qi found nowhere else on our beautiful planet, is definitely one of the MANY reasons to come to Taiwan! 

AND, with all this wildness, forest, sea cliffs, wetlands and mountain peaks and BEAUTY, Taiwan is also home to 23 million amazing people. Taiwan is Asia’s most vibrant democracy and liberal society, upholding bold free press, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and supporting the rise and protection of the island’s indigenous tribes and cultures, large movements for wildlife conservation, robust recycling and passion for tending to the multitude of ecosystems this island supports (almost all except desert!).

With over 12,000 temples around the island, religions and worship include a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and local folk deities. Temples in cities, towns and villages are often the focus of local culture, playing a role of community center, festival venue, art house and worship hall. Many display exquisite architecture, traditional decorative art and showcase performance arts. 

And the people of Taiwan are generous, creative and kind. And most likely, soon after arriving someone may ask you, “Ni chi bao le ma?” -“Have you eaten yet?” This is the local way of checking in, and friendly way to say hey, but also includes wanting to know if you’ve eaten — as delicious food, cuisine, tasty local street vendor treats, tea and an array of soups and beverages are on every street corner and are a big part of enjoying life on this Beautiful Island. The answer to this question is almost always “Yes” — as there is so much amazing nibbling and feasting to do — This island is a cuisine and treat heaven for omnivores, meat eaters and vegetarians.

Oh my Goodness! Taiwan is Amazing


Let this Journey Reignite Your Spark for the Joy and Magic of Life


Lodging for 7 nights
Three delicious meals a day
Daily Qigong instruction
Tea-tasting ceremony
All ground transportation on island
All admission fee to museums, parks, and other sites
All classes
All tips for the drivers and local guides
A pre-trip meeting (online or in person)


Airfare to and from Taiwan
Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
Alcoholic beverages
Snacks and beverages outside of meal times
Souvenirs, phone calls, laundry
Travel expenses for coming early to travel more or extending your stay


Discover What Our Customers Say

Dave and Szu-ting are masters at efficiency, patience, spontaneous flexibility and truly listening and intuiting what is happening individually and collectively with the group. … Daily Qi Gong with Karen was potent, vital and a beautiful part of the journey.

Carrie Lafferty

The depth and beauty I experienced with the local people, culture and wilderness really instilled me with a whole new perspective of love and passion for living.

Hsiang-Ting Hsiao

My Nov. 8-19 trip with Little Po Adventures was wonderful! Szu-ting and David and Karen were geographically skilled, helpful and supportive and always friendly.

Moreah Vestan

Ready to Embark on this Delicious Journey?

Your Guides

Karen Joy Fletcher

Karen Joy Fletcher, MPH, writer, qigong instructor and adventurer, loves sharing her passions of qigong, wilderness connection and nourishing life philosophy with people around the world. She is a personal student of ZY Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang, has trained with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and traveled with him worldwide. She is also a student of Master Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Zhao Fuxue, and serves as his interpreter when in the U.S. Inspired from extensive training with Mick “the Barefoot Sensei” Dodge, she offers qigong and earth-based movement programs to people around the world, including at retreat centers such as Omega Institute in New York. During the Covid pandemic, Karen also founded an online international Women’s Nourishing Qigong community, teaching and facilitating the qigong study and development of students around the world, and continues to regularly present at conferences, festivals, schools and universities. She was also featured as one of 21 Qigong experts worldwide at The Qigong Effect online summit. Karen loves the synergy, passion and unique experiences she and Szu-ting bring to their participants through their Qigong & Nature Retreats they offer in Taiwan and Western China.

Szu-ting Yi

Born in Taiwan, Szu-Ting came to the US to study but fell in love with the sport of climbing. She has contributed to Alpinist Magazine, has climbed 40 desert towers in one season, has done multiple alpine first ascents in Asia and Patagonia, and in 2017, she completed a north to south traverse of the Wind River Range and summited 33 peaks along the Continental Divide. Szu-Ting started guiding and instructing in 2008 and has authored five books on the subject of climbing. After seven years of vanlife she now resides in Las Vegas with her husband and two cats. She is an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Certified Rock Guide, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Provider, and Leave No Trace Master Educator.  She is also the mastermind behind the Female Guides Requested Podcast.

A Heart-Felt Note from Karen and Szu-Ting


We LOVE Taiwan and are sooo EXCITED to share this land, mountains, rivers, forests, cities, temples, amazing foods, generous awesome people, cultures, history and MORE with YOU. Szu-ting is Native to Taiwan and her love and pride of this beautiful homeland runs deep.

Karen first fell in love with Taiwan in 1997 when studying abroad to immerse herself in Chinese language and culture at Donghai University in Taichung. She loved it so much that she applied for a grant to do her thesis field work there, living with families both in the urban cities in the north and south and in the rural farming village of Meinong. She loves going back and has her beloved Taiwanese family which she adores and who adore her. This family also has indigenous roots back to one of the chiefs of now Taipei basin and meeting them (and feeling the magic of the twinkle in their eyes, their laughter, wisdom, LOVE of sharing, dancing, cooking and welcoming) will be one of the many treats of this journey.

As mentioned above, our motto is “active journeys ~ true connections”. Our bodies are our biggest musing tools to learn from Life around us. And in our trips we value experiencing the pulse of the lands and peoples we visit. Through daily Qigong, one of the many nourishing life practices steeped in this culture, we will learn directly from the Heart and breath of Taiwan. Traveling in this way opens us to pure magic and being filled with the vibrant, glowing Qi of this place. We will be transformed, enriched and nourished by our experiences, connections and lasting memories.

What Are you Waiting for?

  1. “Qi” is translated as vital life energy, and Qigong is a breath, meditation and movement practice that cultivates, cleanses, circulates and stores this energy in our bodies. ↩︎
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