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Who We Are

LittlePo Adventures provides active tours in China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. We believe that non-motorized activities are the best ways to discover the essence of a destination. During our journeys we connect with local people and cultures to truly listen to the pulse of the destination.


Your Friend. Your Guide.

Our clients are our friends. If you show interest in our trips or if you approach us for a customized trip, you have demonstrated the desire to explore wild beauty and to experience the unknown. Therefore, you are our friend. LittlePo Adventures strives to provide seamless service from trip preparation to a safe return. We promise not to outsource our trips or toss our clients around random outfitters. We are always there to support and help you evaluate the risk and wade through unfamiliar terrain.

Be Small. Stay Close.

LittlePo Adventures prioritizes personal and unforgettable client experience. As such we guide small-group expeditions. Not only does a small group function more organically, but also it facilitates flexibility and customization. Everybody’s voice is heard and personal needs are addressed.

Exchange. Collaboration.

LittlePo Adventures connects and collaborates with local people. We exchange our expertise: we bring revenue and help develop local communities; our local friends provide us first-hand information and advice in order for us to create an authentic local experience.

Embark an active journey with LittlePo Adventures

LittlePo Adventures currently offers three types of trips: 1. Backcountry & Culture Excursions; 2. Qigong and Wilderness Retreats; and 3. Customized Expeditions.

1. Backcountry & Culture Excursions

Backcountry and Culture Excursions provide adventurers a diverse selection of activities, destinations, and cultural immersions. All the itineraries are well thought out and valuable feedback from past participants are incorporated to enhance customers’ experience. Current trip destinations include Taiwan, southern China, western China, and Mongolia. Taiwan is a hidden gem in the Pacific. Southern and Western China offers distinctive landscapes, stunning geological features, and diverse cultures of different ethnic groups. Mongolia has expansive landscapes, which are exotic and wild. Please refer to our Events page to browse the upcoming trips. Remember, we can always make a customized trip tailored to the needs of you and your group.

2. Qigong and Wilderness Retreats

Qigong and Wilderness Retreats provide explorers qigong instructions in a wilderness setting. Qigong practice is a powerful way to cultivate our own health and vitality, and develop our spirit and soul. It also offers tools to receive Qi – both energy and information – from the environment. There is no better place to learn and practice qigong than the wilderness. During the Retreat we are based in mountain towns or small remote villages and synchronize our own rhythm with the rhythm of nature. Current trip destinations include Siguniang Mountain Range (Eastern Tibetan Plateau), and Northwestern Yunnan.

3. Customized Expeditions

Customized Expeditions can be a wilderness excursion according to your own desires and imagination. It can be for an all women group, service learning and cultural experience for young adults, or simply an active getaway for your company or family. As long as you want to explore China and/or Taiwan, LittlePo Adventures makes it happen. Send us your thoughts no matter how preliminary they are. LittlePo Adventures works with you to create your ideal trip.


LittlePo Adventures was founded by Szu-ting Yi in March 2010. However, this business idea has been in the works for several years. Szu-ting was born and raised in Taiwan where beautiful mountain ranges and astonishing geological features reside. Not until she came to United States for her graduate study in 1998, did she have contact with various outdoor sports, including skiing, white water kayaking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. Eventually, she shifted careers from computational linguistics to outdoor education and guiding. During her pursuit of an outdoor career, she was frequently approached with curious questions about the outdoor scene in China and Taiwan. The combination of Szu-ting’s passion to share the outdoor experience and people’s expressed curiosity of outdoor China and Taiwan led to the birth of LittlePo Adventures – a guiding service which promotes mutual understanding among international explorers with different cultural backgrounds via outdoor discovery.


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