Trekking in the Oriental Alps Wonderland, Tibetan Region in Sichuan China



This trip is a Qigong and Wilderness Expedition.

Date: May 9-20, 2016.


China is a land of diverse wonders. Vast in geographic and ethnic terrains, China is rich in history and legends, cultures and culinary marvels, and the secrets and science in healing and alchemical arts. In this trip we journey to the western wild lands of China. Starting in the country’s “laziest” city, we meet in Chengdu to explore pandas, mouth-watering street snacks, the infamous hot pot cuisine, stunning bamboo forests of Wang Jiang Lou (River Watching Pavilion), Chinese opera and acrobatics and the famous Buddhist Wenshu Temple. Yet our time in the steamy, plant-draped city of Chengdu is short…as the grand Himilayan Mountains jetting sharply up towards the skies…the “roof of the world”…calls us west.

A day’s journey outside of Chengdu we head up into the granite mountain terrain to a special region called Siguniang Mountains, or Four Sisters Mountains. It is also known as the Oriental Alps. Here among the 4 majestic peaks of Siguniang, the highest reaching over 20,500 feet (6,250 meters), is where we establish our base camp to explore 3 stunning valleys in the surrounding national parks. We make our home in the small Tibetan town of Rilong, staying at a local family-run inn from where we easily make our daily treks into the mountains, converse with elders and happy children, embark on a native mushroom and herb hunts with Tibetan friends and learn the art of yak tea and butter making! We create this immersion adventure to give you the lifelong gift of rich experiences grounded in the land, wild beauty, culture and kindness of the people. Gifts and experiences like these shape our lives and the gifts we then give on to others.

To enhance our experience to the fullest, this trip is a “Qigong and Wilderness” trip, one where we learn, practice the delicious, nourishing and transformative practices of qigong, an ancient Chinese form of breath, meditation and movement that originates from Nature, from these wild and beautiful mountains.

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2016 Trekking in the Oriental Alps Wonderland, May 9-20


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