8/31 Eve Seattle – CHINA Slideshow!

CHINA Slideshow! Experience the Adventure of Wild China’s Tibetan Region & Yunnan


Join us at OmCulture on Monday Aug 31 from 6:45-7:45 p.m. and experience the Magic of CHINA! (2210 N Pacific St., Seattle)

We’ll take you on a 1-hour journey through story-telling, stunning photographs and videos that will put you right in the heart Wild CHINA! (Watch out for snorting yak and cuddly-looking panda bears! 😀 …Oh and yummy smelling and tasting steamed dumplings!) We’ll trek high into the Himalayan Mountains…an area known as the Oriental Alps Wonderland which is a Tibetan Region of Sichuan Province, as well as visit one of the last matriarchal societies on our planet at pristine Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province! You’ll experience the thrills of:

  • Granite peak ascensions next to deep blue skies and fluttering vibrant Tibetan prayer flags blowing in the alpine winds
  • Local smiles along with wild mushroom and herb picking
  • Learning about “zuohun” “walking marriage” practiced in the land of the matriarch
  • Sipping your first yak butter tea and/or learning to play the fulu jewlew (type of flute) by elders in a remote village, and much more!

Through our slideshow, you’ll enjoy an hour of travel to another part of our beautiful Planet, all from the comforts of the soft fluffy pillows and chairs at OmCulture in Seattle!! 😀

(AND!! if you feel like dancing afterward, there’s a really fun ecstatic dance happening at 8 p.m. at OmCulture called Turtle Dance! See www.omculture.com :)!)

DEA 61554

Those of you who would like to go to CHINA, both of us (Szu-ting and I – Karen) lead Qigong & Wilderness trekking trips in Western China and are passionate about sharing these places. We’re offering 2 Qigong & Wilderness Trekking Trips in Western China in May and Nov of 2016. We’d LOVE to take you with us! ♥

For info on our trips:

  1. Trekking in the Oriental Alps Wonderland, Tibetan Region in Sichuan Province, China May 9-20, 2016
  2. Discovering the Land of the Matriarch, an Active Journey into the Heart of Yunnan, China Nov 8-19, 2016

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