Alaska Again

Well, I am supposed to be in Anchorage tonight (5/8); however, I am stuck in some random hotel near Salt Lake City airport. My first flight was delayed so I missed the connecting flight to Anchorage, and won’t arrive there until tomorrow afternoon (5/9).

I really love Alaska and I guess that is why I visit Alaska three summers in a roll. This time I am going to stay for another 34 days. Friends asked me, “Are you going to try Denali again?” Of course I want to; however, not this summer. What I am going to do is also something as exciting if not more exciting than Denali. I am taking the NOLS Alaska Instructor Course, which means if I successfully complete the course, I will be a NOLS instructor. Maybe I will start teaching wilderness courses, but hopefully I can teach technical courses very soon!

That being said, my blog is going to be quiet for a while. (I did put a couple articles in the queue though). Don’t forget me and give me some of your best wishes!

– Little Po

4 thoughts on “Alaska Again”

  1. Your blog is quiet for quite a while already! 🙂
    But, have fun and enjoy the wonderful nature in Alaska! Looking forward to your story when you come back! 🙂

  2. I did not have a chance to visit you for a while and am glad to catch up on the latest happenings. I read about your accident at Red Rock and your instructors’ comments. To me, climbing is like riding a bike, eventually one is going to take a spill. Mine was a 35 feet lead fall. While I did not get hurt, my nerves were shot and my poor second had to finish leading the last pitch of the 5.9 climb!!! My lesson learnt is a quote from Royal Robin: “Those who overestimate themselves will find the ground come up too fast !!” Hope you are enjoying your trip to Alaska and got you instructor certificate. Take Care !!!


    Haricot 微豆

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