Away for a Month

Dear Readers,

I’ll be away for a month to attend NOLS’ Alaska Mountaineering course, beginning July 15, 2006 and ending August 13, 2006. During this time period, I’ll not be able to update this site. Please wait for my return to present you some fresh stuff about mountaineering!!

If you’d like to write me a letter to encourage me (although I might not be able to read it until the course finishes), please write to:

Szu-ting Yi (AKM-07/15/2006)
NOLS Alaska
PO Box 981
Palmer, AK 99645

7 thoughts on “Away for a Month”

  1. 哇,真羨慕!這門課上回來,應該又有很多心得可以分享了吧?

  2. 算算時間,課程應該差不多也結束了吧!
    大方巾已經寄嚕!確認一下吧! ^-^

  3. Hello my friends,

    I’m out of the glaciers now, survived and happy 🙂
    will be back home tomorrow, can’t wait to share the photos and the experience with you guys soon.

    AK is really a nice place, hope that some day I’ll climb Denali

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