Climbing Potential in China

I spent about a month in Yangshuo China and I was very impressed by how fast the number of routes grew while I was there. However, there still seems to be infinite potential at this place. On a rest day, our group decided to take a boat ride drifting down the most scenic section of the Li River. Not only did we appreciate the scenery with awe, but we were all excited by how many untouched limestone towers we counted. Many potential multi-pitch routes; many potential first ascents.

Rock climbing is still pretty young in China, but it grows fast. Just like people expect China to be a powerful economic entity, I expect China to be the ultimate climbing paradise. I studied the geography of China growing up and I know there are many mountains and rocks waiting to be touched. Until now, I have heard numerous stories about great climbing in different regions from my Chinese climbing friends and from western climbing explorers, and the stories keep coming.

I also want to explore China more for personal reasons. I feel a special connection with the geographic features in China because I am very fond of Chinese literature where writers and poets like to praise their land and the wonderful scenery surrounding them. In addition, I consider that land my land because of my Chinese cultural background. Ever since I started to get into outdoor endeavors in the States, I wanted to introduce how great Taiwan and China are for outdoor pursuits to my American friends. How could I not get excited by what I saw in Yangshuo, and that was only the tip of an iceberg.

This article concludes my Yangshuo China series and I have published the following articles on my blog. I have already started to plan my next trip to China and this time I want to spend more time and explore more places. I hope that you look forward to my next series about climbing in China.

Yangshuo China Series:

1. In and Out China
2. Westernized Yangshuo?
3. The Climbing Scene in Yangshuo
4. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Thumb Peak thru Happy New Year (5.10b)
5. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Twin Gate Mountain and its West Tower
6. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Low Mountain
7. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Treasure Cave
8. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Space Buttress
9. Yangshuo China Trip Report – Brave New World
10. Sport Climbing; Traditional Climbing
11. Climbing Potential in China

Photo Credit: Josie McKee

5 thoughts on “Climbing Potential in China”

  1. Hello,

    看到你寫了很多在陽朔攀岩的文章, 不知道你回台灣爬過龍洞嗎? 很雞婆的想介紹一下, 因為你是好像是北部人, 有機會回家的時候可以去龍洞看看, 是個爬trad的好地方, 而且風景很美, 我一直都很懷念….
    這邊有一個熱心的美國人出了一本guide book, 這是他的網站
    (我不認識這位先生, 也並不是要幫他賣書, 只是看到他很認真的想把龍洞攀岩推廣到美國, 覺得很感動, 所以介紹給你)

  2. Last time I was in Long Dong, it was raining all the time, but of course I know Long Dong. It’s such a beautiful place. I am finding another chance to climb there more! Thank you so much, Shih-Ying!

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