Leaving for Argentina

Dear all,

I am leaving for Argentina in a few hours so this blog will be quiet for another while. I know I haven’t written any climbing article regarding my China trip yet; however, the rest of the blog articles of the China series will all be related to climbing. Some tentative titles are as follows:

Sport Climbing versus Traditional Climbing
Trip Report of the overall climbing theme in Yangshuo
Trip Reports of my favorite climbs
China’s (or Yangshuo’s) potential on rock climbing

Wish me good luck on the Aconcagua climb and I wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

-Little Po

3 thoughts on “Leaving for Argentina”

  1. Hi Tzu-ting,
    I got a mail from Jeremy in regard to the hackers who hacked your blog. So I came to see your blog. So happy to see that you become so athletic and have such a colorful life. Really happy for you. All the trips looks fantastic.
    Just want to say hi to u and have a nice trip in Argentina.
    Tina(Sean’s wife)

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