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Mission, History, and Philosophy


LittlePo Adventures is a relationship-based guiding service, a bridge connecting international explorers with natural wonders in China and Taiwan. Equipped with abundant local knowledge, language skills, and outdoor professionalism, the staff of LittlePo Adventures creates personal expeditions and decorates them with cultural touches.


LittlePo Adventures is founded by Szu-ting Yi in March 2010; however this business idea has been incubated for several years. Szu-ting was born and raised in Taiwan where beautiful mountain ranges and astonishing geological features reside. Not until she came to United States for her graduate study in 1998, did she have in contact with various outdoor sports, including skiing, white water kayaking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. Eventually, she decided to take a career shift from computational linguistics to outdoor education and guiding. During her pursuit of an outdoor career, she was frequently approached with curious questions regarding the outdoor scene in China and Taiwan. Based on sharing the passion towards the outdoors, the prototype of LittlePo Adventures was therefore formed – a guiding service which promotes mutual understanding among international explorers with different cultural backgrounds via outdoor discovery.


Your Friend. Your Guide.

Our clients are our friends. If you show interest in our trips or if you approach us for a customized trip, you have demonstrated the desire to explore wild beauty or the curiosity of experiencing the unknown. And therefore, you are our friend. LittlePo Adventures strives to provide seamless service from trip preparation to a safe return. We make our promise not to outsource our trips or toss our clients around random outfitters. We are always there to support and help you evaluate the risk and wade through unfamiliar terrain.

Be Small. Stay Close.

LittlePo Adventures prioritizes personal and unforgettable client experience, and therefore we guide small-group expeditions. Not only does a small group function more organically, but it facilitates flexibility and customization. Everybody’s voice is heard and personal needs are addressed.

Exchange. Collaboration.

LittlePo Adventures connects and collaborates with local people. We exchange our expertise: LittlePo Adventures wants to bring revenue and help develop local communities; our local friends provide us first-hand beta and advice in order for us to create an authentic local experience.


LittlePo Adventures currently offers three types of adventures: climb, trek, and scout. We also welcome you to reach out to us for a customized trip for you and your group.


This adventure includes Dirtbag China climbing series and Dirtbag Taiwan climbing adventures. Areas we will visit include Yangshuo, Kunming and vicinity, Long Dong (Dragon Cave) and the list goes on. Climbing adventures are suitable for budget climbers who are long for an international climbing vacation. As climbers we are destined to travel because it is in our blood to touch different kinds of rocks, experience exotic foreign atmosphere and cuisine, and live the dream.


This adventure gives avid hikers and backpackers an opportunity to trek through breathtaking mountain ranges and to appreciate extraordinary landscape. Areas we will explore include western China and Taiwan. Trekking adventures are suitable for natural wanderers who seek pristine dreamland. On foot, we hikers understand the true essence of being with nature.


This adventure invites keen explorers to participate in the process of developing future trips for LittlePo Adventures. With a general direction but without a scheduled itinerary, we encounter unique experiences and face unexpected challenges. Forthcoming projects including cycling Taiwan accompanied with hot-spring visits, river tracing, and a few trekking trips in northwestern Yunnan and Qinghai. We adventurers know that it is not an adventure when everything flows according to the plan.


Send us your thoughts no matter how preliminary they are, and LittlePo Adventures works with you to create your ideal trip.


The video of LittlePo Adventures is created by David E Anderson

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