Days in Alaska – NOLS Mountaineering Course Journal (Preface and Acknowledgement)在阿拉斯加的日子 – NOLS Mountaineering 課程經歷(前言與感謝)



Looking at the giant K2 poster hanging on the wall in my office, I still can’t believe that I am back from the mixture of rocks, ice and snow to this pan demoniac civilization. I can’t deny that during the 28 field days, several times the thought “I want to go home” crossed my mind; however, in spite of unpleasant conditions we have encountered, living in the wilderness is easier – it is simple and it is intuitive. Now, I want to go back.

Old friends and family members are shocked that I have become an outdooraholic. Before I came to the States, I had never backpacked, neither had I exercised regularly. I didn’t do any sports, and I couldn’t run 3 miles. But I have always admired mountains, I touch and talk to flowers, and I love adventures.

I moved to the States for graduate study at age 23 in 1998, but not until 5 years later did I do my first backpacking trip, and it was miserable. In the same year, I also discovered a shocking truth that my little fantasy of being satisfied not dreaming about climbing the highest peak but the second highest peak is so naïve. K2 is way more unreachable than Everest, but at least – I thought – I could work on getting closer, and K2 is a more cadent slogan to encourage myself to carry on when I feel out-of-breath during an endurance workout.

I thought that was my main reason to climb, but after this trip, I realized that the reason to climb is in fact more simple. This course is the longest length I’ve been living in the wilderness so that I had abundant field days to collect and concrete the wonders floating in my mind. Why am I here? What did I get myself into? Where will I be? I’ll be among mountains and wild things because that makes me feel good, oh, I should have said “that makes me feel REALLY good.”

Living in the wilderness and climbing mountains requires physical strength and mental training and that is why I took this course. I still have much to learn but this course certainly opened up the window for me. I hope people find my experience interesting and if you want to climb, don’t just think about it.


Without the support from Jeremy, my husband, I would never imagine that one day I could set my foot on any peak in Alaska. His impregnable belief in me makes me believe in myself and gives me indispensable strengths for wilderness living.









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  1. 嗯,妙不可言的山林生活,總是讓人充滿期待與嚮往。
    終於開始第一篇了,期待期待… 🙂

  2. This is a very honest and sweet preface. I think Jeremy also went through certain kind of “mental training” too in order not to too worry about you and just support and believe in you. That’s quite nice.

  3. 感謝大家的捧場啊,我也要好好督促自己努力地把它寫完,三十天可真是多啊

  4. K2, 真是遠大的目標~

  5. 嗯,喜歡一件事和真正去做之間還是有那麼一點點距離。


  6. joe2012,

    不過看起來kathy也很幸福,自德[å¾—]其樂喔 🙂 恭喜新書出版啊 ~~

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