Recycle your retired running shoes

As a runner, I own two pairs of running shoes. I also learned that I get to shop for a new pair when I have accumulated 500 ~ 600 miles on my current pair. However, with today’s manufacturing technique, at the time my shoes are ready to retire, they will still look quite in shape. So, here is the dilemma: Running injuries or green Earth?

Luckily, retired running shoes can be recycled, and this is a cool thing that Nike does. Right now they run their “Reuse-a-shoe” program in the US, UK, Australia and Japan. From their site I found out one of the drop-off location in Philadelphia is City Sports which I visit quite often. I also called just now to confirm it.

My two pairs of running shoes have registered 180 and 258 miles respectively. Although it will take another several months for me to take action, it’s nice to know what to do with them, because it will make my new shoes shopping more pleasant.

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