Site Updates: Language Option and Forums網站更新公告:語言選項;論壇開張

There are a few updates to the site:

1. Choose Your Preferred Language.

As some readers might have noticed, since Dec 19, 2005, I have been writing every blog entry in both Chinese and English. However, putting both languages in one entry does not serve a pleasant reading experience for most people. Therefore I installed this plug-in Polyglot yesterday afternoon.

This plug-in will guess which language is your preferred language; however, the guess is not always right.

You can choose your language option from the sidebar on the right, and Next time when you load up the homepage, it will remember your option.

When you are reading an article, if you want to view it in another language, you can click on the alternative language specified at the upper right corner (just under the date).

The default language for RSS is English, if you want to subscribe to Chinese RSS, here is the link.

2. Forums Installed.

Forums is one of the most popular pages on my site, however, there was not much there. But it is different now: If you go to Forums, you will notice that I’ve installed the Vanilla Forum. I still have to work on the layout and a lot of other things. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to tell me your ideas and register for an account.


1. 瀏覽語言選項


因此昨天下午安裝了這個plug-in,Polyglot :



另外,預設的RSS feed使用的語言是英文,如果想要訂閱中文的RSS,按這裡。

2. 論壇



4 thoughts on “<lang_en>Site Updates: Language Option and Forums</lang_en><lang_zh>網站更新公告:語言選項;論壇開張</lang_zh>”

  1. 原來論壇一直都在? 原來我直到現在才注意到…

  2. 這個,論壇要做什麼用,我現在也是霧煞煞,想破頭,

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