Some Updates

some_updates.jpgJust got out of the NOLS AKIC (Alaska Instructor Course) a few days ago. The course went well; however, I will not work for NOLS until next year because my calendar is very booked for this year. Currently I am at Pacific Northwest working for YMCA Seattle for three summer courses. I will have some in-town days between courses and I’ll try to throw some articles online because I have had thoughts storming in my brain for a while and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

Take care my friends and enjoy your cool summer!

2 thoughts on “Some Updates”

  1. Robby,
    nice to hear from you. I will say our Denali trip is certainly more exhausting both physically and mentally. However, IC is quite different than other NOLS courses. I had complex feelings toward IC and I am thinking to blog it some time soon once I finish my summer job here in Seattle.

    Also I got a postcard from our Denali friends (Geno, Geoff, and Mark) when I finished the IC, I was so touched!!

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