Success! Taiwan Rock Climbing and Cultural Experience 2010

The kick-off trip of LittlePo Adventures has been completed. It was a big success. Every day was full of activities. The trip had a fine balance between active sports, cultural events, and gourmet experiences. Below is the summary of the daily itinerary. To check out the expedition photos, please visit the album of Taiwan Rock Climbing and Cultural Experience 2010 on the facebook page of LittlePo Adventures.

Day 1 (8/16) – Climbing at Long Dong
Day 2 (8/17) – Climbing at Long Dong; Keelung night market tour
Day 3 (8/18) – Climbing at Long Dong; Staying at an old mining town, Jinguashi
Day 4 (8/19) – Touring and hiking in Jinguashi and Jiufen; Body surfing and swimming at Waiao; Bathing in Beitou hotspring
Day 5 (8/20) – Taipei day tour, including Danshui, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, President Hall, MRT underground market, Taipei 101, Maokong etc
Day 6 (8/21) – Climbing at Long Dong
Day 7 (8/22) – Climbing at Long Dong
Day 8 (8/23) – Taroko National Park
Day 9 (8/24) – Taroko National Park; Shifen Waterfalls; Pingxi sky lantern
Day 10 (8/25) – Climbing at Long Dong; Shilin night market
Day 11 (8/26) – Climbing at Long Dong; Chinese martial art movie
Day 12 (8/27) – Chinese cooking classroom; Karaoke TV; Longshan Temple; Guangzhou and Huaxi nightmarkets
Day 13 (8/28) – Farmers market; National Palace Museum; Yong Kuang St mango ice; Chinese ghost story movie
Day 14 (8/29) – Yehliu Geopark; Yangmingshan National Park
Day 15 (8/30) – Karaoke; Gym climbing session

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