The Denali Expedition in a nutshell — The Third Expedition Update
by Rick Rochelle

Date: 06/23/2007


We heard from the Denali expedition. On the evening of 6/21, they reached Browne’s Tower at 14,000′. Thus, they have climbed what is probably technically most difficult part–Karsten’s Ridge. Though now the altitude will play a larger role.

Yesterday was a rest day. Today, given decent weather they may be ferrying loads to high camp at approximately 17,000′ on the Harper Glacier. Then tomorrow they could move to that high camp. Often courses take a rest day before attempting to go for the top. Much depends on the weather now. It was a brief exchange, but one thing they said was, “All students and instructor are doing well–strong and healthy.” They said they had a week of good weather (for Denali). They plan call again around 6/28.

Many of you have written asking that we pass on greetings of various individuals. Unfortunately, we’ve received too many of these requests to try to relay them all. These phone calls are very concise. The most recent exchange was less than two minutes and the phone dropped coverage during that. The purpose of these calls is to get their location so that we can report it to you. The primary purpose of the batteries for the phones is to power communication during a potential emergency. Thanks for understanding.

One thing I can say for certain is that folks on the mountain know their families and friends are thinking of them and vice versa. The expedition members specifically said to say “Happy Fathers Day!”


P.S. Below this message is a link to Erin’s photo gallery. Incidentally, Both Seth and Erin are healing well and receiving these email updates now. These photos are a look back in time covering the expedition’s trip into the Muldrow Glacier to just beyond McGonagall Pass where she had to turn back. Then there are pictures of her escorted hike out to Wonder Lake, which the rest of the expedition will do in approximately the first couple days of July. THANKS Erin!

View Erin’s Gallery

Message from Erin:
Please share this with your email list from Denali 6/1/07. I wrote captions and they are in order so people can watch the slide show or flip through them. The denali gallery is labeled as such. I hope it is helpful.


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