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There was no wind; it was sunny and warm. Saturday, had the perfect condition for hikers, but inevitably disappointed those who were looking for solitude. Our group bumped into two other groups, several local hikers, and a pretty dog. We had to alternate the camping plan because the lean-to we were supposed to stay in was packed by noon.

While you are so prepared to claim the trees, mountains, snow and ice as your sole property, nature extends it arms and smashes your hallucination. Well, haven’t we already learned the unexpectedness of nature and equipped ourselves with fitness, patience, and flexibility? After all, those qualities obtained from being outdoors are in fact our true property.

Before we hit the trail junction of Black Dome Range Trail (BD) and Blackhead Mountain Trail (BM), the trip proceeded as planned. In general, the path we traveled was covered by a few inches of snow. The trail was broken well so that it didn’t delay us until the last several hundred feet of the climb to Thomas Cole. We had to put our crampons on in case we slipped off the trail and fell off the cliff. Even so, coming down from the summit to the col between Thomas Cole and Black Dome was still tough: the solid ice presented a smooth surface and with the steep terrain, there just wasn’t enough area to lay our feet flat.

Near the summit of Black Dome, we had our lunch break with the view of all the peaks on the Devil’s Path. The sunlight pushed the thermometer to 60 degrees, and the luxurious thought of taking a nap crossed my mind so often. If the weight on my back hadn’t constantly reminded me of the truth, I would definitely say it was spring.

Stimulated by the gorgeous weather, Blackhead was included as part of the objective of the first day. We decided to climb up Blackhead following BM and turn around, which meant we chose a farther way to the lean-to. However, a farther way was not necessary a longer way given that the alternative route was steep and icy, and we had our heavy packs on without ice axes and ropes.

The climb to the Blackhead was tricky. Based on the contour lines, I didn’t see a false summit. However, there was always more uphill the next minute after I said “we are almost there.” After four or five times of “almost there,” we were eventually “there.” We had wide open views while we were climbing: not only could we see the Devils’ Path but also the southeast mountain range. As we were approaching the summit plateau, the views faded away because of the dense evergreens.

Since we couldn’t stay at the lean-to as planned, we hiked out, got to our cars, drove to the trailhead of Elm Ridge Trail (ER), and hiked another 0.85 miles to the lean-to at the junction of Elm Ridge Trail (ER) and Escarpment Trail (ES). We could have collected the 3 peaks without a heavy pack, but everybody treated it as a physical training. This demonstrated that our group members have an open mind and I believe this attitude is commonly shared by outdoor enthusiasts.

The night was warm and long; everybody slept for more than 10 hours. We got up around 7, but the sun didn’t wake up with us. It was windy and overcast, and our group was lonely. Only when we were ready to hike out, did we run into another lady and her dog.

The trail to the Windham Mountain was super easy, considering we had a tough first day. Although we still had a view toward Albany, we didn’t have the mood to stay at the vista for too long because the wind was blowing. Weather changed dramatically; it was spring the first day, and winter returned following the footsteps of nightfall.

We were out by noon, and we were lucky. It started to rain a half hour after I was on the road. In winter time, rain is worse than snow. Although my extra dry clothes and rain gear were never touched, I felt fine they remained that way.



星期六的行程,在到Black Dome Range Trail (BD)以及Blackhead Mountain Trail (BM)兩步道交會處,一直是按照計畫進行的。一路行來,雪只有幾吋深,也被好些人走過踏實了,雖是爬上爬下,走起來的感覺,和夏天也沒什麼差異。只是到了爬Thomas Cole山頂最後的幾百英尺的高度時,下結的堅冰,又滑又硬實。穿上冰爪還是有好些地方必須步步為營,尤其是在樹根盤根錯節的地方,想好好把腳放平,還真是不容易。

隊伍在Black Dome山巔附近,一邊欣賞南方一望無垠的山勢,一邊悠閒地享受午餐時光。在大太陽的照射下,惡魔之路上的數個山巔,歷歷在目;人是暖和地不得了,好幾次我坐在那裡都快要睡著了。這哪是冬天啊?冬天不是應該急速吃完點心,再趕緊在身體未冷之前趕緊上路嗎?要不是一路行來,背包的重量一直提醒我認清事實,真要雀躍地宣布春神來了。





這天的目的是攻頂Windham Mountain,這段路,和前一天的行程比較起來,可以說是超級簡單,不用雪鞋,更用不上冰爪。接近山頂的俯視,也是相當開闊,可以一直看到北邊的Albany的工廠,不過這風緊刮緊刮,催得大夥兒一刻也待不住。天氣真是說變就變,前一天還高唱春神來了,冬天就又機靈地跟著夜晚的腳步又溜回來了。


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