Update: Back from Katahdin (Not Quite)

This year I haven’t been blogging much. One reason is that I’m tyring to graduate and the other reason is that the winter is too short and I had to use all my free time being outdoors skiing, climbing and mountaineering. Gladly, I still managed to do a 6-day Katahdin quest, enduring the risk of putting my defense in jeopardy. Although the group after all didn’t summit, the trip was phenomenal: Firstly, the driving from Philadelphia to Millionocket, Maine was obstructed by a storm (heavy rain in the south/snow in the north); Secondly, on the scheduled climbing day, the wind was blowing over 35 mph and with wind chill effect it was below -35 F; therefore we had to abandon the climbing plan.

Our group is compiling photos, videos and writeups for the trip and I’ll put them up here shortly. Before that, let’s enjoy this summit photo obtained from http://www.katahdincam.com/.


3 thoughts on “Update: Back from Katahdin (Not Quite)”

  1. Seeing this photo suddenly makes me miss the good old days when I could open my window to such a nice big mountain view.
    If one day I really move to the States, I’ll definately try to join you for a good climbing!! (but please, start me up with the beginner package…)

  2. cyberhobo,
    Hope you have already gotten rid of the virus!

    are you planning to move to the States? I thought you already settled down in Germany. Welcome you to participate in my future outings, of course. =)

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