In Yangshuo China now

Dear friends,

I am currently in Yangshuo China doing some limestone rock climbing. This town has been a famous scenic town since generations ago. Not long ago, people discovered that Yangshuo has much great rock climbing to offer and this new discovery has ever since attracted many climbers from overseas. Even though this town is sort of westernized, it still perserves much local flavors. Especially for me, a native Chinese speaker, it’s easy to see what my English climbing friends can’t see.

Because of weight issue, I didn’t bring my laptop here; therefore, I can’t do much blogging. But for sure I’ll share my climbing stories with you, my friends, when I get back to the States.

– Little Po

5 thoughts on “In Yangshuo China now”

  1. thanks, guys.

    This place is super cool. My partner and I climbed a fun multi-pitch called Happy New Year and hit the summit of Thumb. super slick. I especially loved the 5.10b off-width and the 5.9 stemming. the rock was super sharp though.

    I’ll try to update the site as often as possible, but photos will come later!

  2. 你好,欢迎回到中国。阳朔是一个非常独特的地方,这里有著名的阳朔攀岩节。有很多攀岩俱乐部,到了夜晚,去泡吧,阳朔酒吧的风情绝对特别,世界各种肤色在这里都可以看得见,“啤酒鱼”是阳朔有名的地方特色菜,漓江清水鱼鱼肉鲜美可口,啤酒和鱼肉的香味保证可以让你胃口大开。

  3. yeah, I missed the climbing festival but I’ve heard so much about it from the locals and climbers I met here. I really like this place and definitely will introduce my friends here and come back here maybe next year!!

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