Still in Yangshuo China

The climbing in Yangshuo China continues to be great, and I am getting stronger and more confident on things I used to be afraid of. The local residents live right next to the crags are usually very friendly and helpful. And they like to call me a brave girl because Chinese climbing girls are not commonly seen (However, I’ve learned from the guidebook that there are quite a few stronge local Chinese girl climbers participating in route development.)

Yesterday I bumped into a guy (a westerner) who was bolting in a new area, and I learned that there are tons of climbing areas in China waiting for development. It’s a very exciting news. I am thinking that I should learn how to establish a new route and open some new routes in China. It’s nice to see Chinese names in the FA column in a Chinese guidebook, isn’t it? If anybody has info about learning how to bolt, project a new route and all that, let me know!!

Can’t wait to share photos with you guys once I get the photos from my climbing partners!

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