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Dear all,

I am back home in Taipei now and that means that my Yangshuo climbing trip is officially finished. This trip is my first climbing trip focusing on sport climbing; I have to say I’ve learned a great deal from my climbing partners and from simply doing it. I am never an objective judge when it comes to my climbing progress but with no doubt this trip is very productive and I I got a bit stronger.

I updated my Climblog to include this trip. Among all the climbs I’ve done, my favorites are The Witch Woman of the Rock and Dark Star. The most memorable route is still The Witch Woman of the Rock and then Sai Yan. I have good reasons and I’ll tell you why in later blog articles. Before that, if you want to get a bit taste of my trip, visit Ian’s blog – Ian has already published a few articles, and one of them includes a good photo of me!

I expect to publish an article or two before my next big trip – Aconcagua, and after that I need to find a job to support more climbing trips…

-Little Po

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