Trip Announcement: Big Indian Wildness Area Overnight Backpack

Sat-Sun, 05/20/2006-05/21/2006. 3C16. An overnight backpack in Big Indian Wildness Area, Central Catskills, New York. Peak-bag Balsam Mountain, Eagle Mountain and Big Indian Mountain (via bushwhack). Lots of ups and downs. Group size limited.

Trip Plan

Maps and Guidebook:

Map 42 & 43 of the 5-map set of Catskill Trails published by NY-NJ Trail Conference.
The third edition of Catskill Trails published by Adirondack Mountain Club.

Trails Traversed: LC(R), PW(B), SE(Y)

LC (Red-blazed): Lost Clove Trail
PW (Blue-blazed): Pine Hill-West Branch Trail
SE (Yellow-blazed): Seager-Big Indian Trail

The First Day (05/20/2006)

Route: (Map 42)

We will start from the parking lot on Lost Clove Trail (LC) and end at the Shandaken Brook Lean-to alongside Seager-Big Indian Trail (SE).

From the starting point, we follow LC, and climb towards Belleayre Mtn. After hiking for 1.3 miles, turn left onto Pine Hill-West Branch Trail (PW), pass the junction of PW and Mine Hollow Trail (yellow-blazed); continue on PW and summit Balsam Mtn. Still hike on PW and pass the junction of PW and Oliverea-Mapledale Trail (red-blazed). After climbing Haynes Mtn and Eagle Mountain, turn right onto SE and stay at Shandaken Brook Lean-to for the night.

General description and features:

Four summits for today: Belleayre Mtn, Balsam Mtn, Haynes Mtn, and Eagle Mtn. Balsam (3600) and Eagle (3600) are two of the 3500-footers. Therefore the terrain today contains many ups and downs. In order to get to Belleayre, we have to gain about 1900 feet over the first 2.2 miles, and we will reach the attitude of 3375 feet. We drop some altitude and climb back on for the next 3 summits, and the elevation profiles are as follows: 525-/750+; 500-/320+; 120-/300+. After Eagle Mtn, we will lose 1100 feet to get to the lean-to.

Mileage and Elevation change:

The total mileage is about 9.25 miles, and the elevation change is 3245+/2245-.


Shandaken Brook Lean-to alongside Seager-Big Indian Trail.


1.85 mi– seasonal spring; 5.1 mi – spring; 9.25 mi – Shandaken Brook Lean-to.

The Second Day (05/21/2006)

Route: (Map43)

We will start from Shandaken Brook Lean-to and end at the south trailhead of PW at Rt. 47.

From the lean-to, we hike east on SE and after 0.9 mi of hiking, we turn right onto PW. After hiking for another 1.2 miles, we will reach a high point very close to the summit of Big Indian Mtn (around 0.25 miles). We will bushwhack to the summit and back to the trail. We then hike south on PW and descend to the parking lot on County Rt. 47.

General description and features:

One summit (via bushwhack) for today, which is also one of the 3500-footers: Big Indian Mtn. From the Shandaken Brook Lean-to, we climb about 1200 feet over about 2.2 miles to summit Big Indian Mtn. After that it is a gradual descent: 1600 feet of elevation loss over about 4.5 miles. Will pass Biscuit Brook Lean-to about 2 miles from the trailhead located on Rt. 47, which might be an option for Friday night camping.

Mileage and Elevation Change:

Total mileage: 7.15 miles, and the elevation change is 1200+/1600-.


0 mi – Shandaken Brook Lean-to; 5.1 mi– Biscuit Brook Lean-to.

Friday lodging / camping options:

1. Biscuit Brook Lean-to: 2 miles from the south trailhead of Pine Hill-West Branch Trail at Rt. 47.
2. CobbleStone Motel at Phoenicia

To participate:

Please send me an email. I’ll have to ask you to fill out a screening form. And after you’re approved to join this backpack, I’ll email you a complete write-up regarding meeting schedule and driving directions, etc.

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