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tuscarora trail backpack

Rocky and wobbly is the agreed footnote the group gave to the Tuscarora Trail after the two-day backpack. No matter when we were climbing, or descending, we had to pay close attention to our footing. Rocks were very deceiving; they looked like stable footrests, yet they were in fact ready-to-take-off roller coasters.

Even once the trail leveled out, don’t think you can glide through. Piles of withered leaves on top of the rocks were their best cover. They were prepared for their ambush, we had to step well as if we were passing a mine field.

I was glad that there were no casualties, though there was an incident that Dawn swallowed a fly and replenished her protein intake unwillingly. Everybody did so well and in addition to that everybody enjoyed themselves and each other’s company. The only yellow alert of this trip to me as a leader was probably that the group was a bit spread-out. I didn’t worry too much given that all my participants were fairly independent and they looked out for each other. I only had to perform head counts once in a while.

The first day, Saturday, the weather was so warm that it felt like a summer day. We opened our trip with a steep and extended climb which made the mid 70s temperature really turn into a killer. Fortunately, the climb became gradual after about one and half miles. After that we walked along the ridge surrounded by the green scenery – mountain ranges and farms – while the wind was blowing gently.

However, the wind liked to tease us: in one direction we confronted this cool breeze which elevated the group’s spirit; the next second, in another direction, we had to fight against an assault brought by warm air. It seemed that we rehearsed what I had always dreamed about doing – to bathe in a natural hot spring while it is snowing – but how could it be so not romantic? Even though we were confused by the wind, the group managed to wobble to the Laurel Run, near which we set up our camp for the first night.

We couldn’t ask for more from this campsite. The way the trees were laid out gave us refreshing shade and it allowed enough moonlight and sunshine to pass though. There was plenty of space to accommodate ten people; even if we had not used our sleeping pads, we would be able to sleep comfortably.

Waiting for us on Sunday were ups and downs. I couldn’t recall how many “steeps” were used in the guidebook to describe the hike of this section. We took advantage of some switchbacks, but not for long. It seemed that whoever built this trail decided that after a few turns, it was much easier to head straight up. Certainly the group wasn’t too satisfied with this decision, but we respected it. Everybody hiked with their own pace, and everybody covered all the ups and downs steadily.

The weather was cooperating; we finally decided that the wind loved us. The sky cleared out, and occasionally birds swung by and a couple of squirrels jumped across the trail. The last descent we even had luxurious treatment – we carried our torches down a set of evenly placed, un-wobbling stone stairs. In another five minutes, our cars appeared in front of our eyes.

During the two days, we didn’t see another hiker. Perhaps it was because we hiked on Easter weekend, when people are supposed to hang out with their families. However, based on the trail registration booklet, the last hiker was ten days ago. Perhaps, this trail is indeed a less-traveled trail after all. Hiking on this trail should be a nice get-away from the business of civilization, and we have proved the point.



幸好,沒有一個傷兵,唯一的一個意外是 Dawn 不小心吞了一支黑蠅,心不甘情不願地,補充了蛋白質的攝取量。每個隊員都神采奕奕地健行著,享受彼此之間的談笑風生。身為一個領隊,我觀察到的唯一警訊,恐怕是似乎隊伍太過分散。幸好每個隊員都相當獨立,守望相助,除了不定期的點人頭數之外,倒是沒有太多需要擔心的。


這微微吹著的風卻愛跟我們開玩笑:從這方向來,迎著我們的是沁人心脾的涼爽春風,下一秒鐘,另一方向就湧來暖烘烘的潮熱氣流。這涼暖夾攻似乎為我一直期盼的—在雪夜下泡著熱呼呼地溫泉—先做了份預演,可這,怎是一點都不浪漫啊?摸不清楚風的意圖,隊伍一路顛簸地前進,傍晚到達當日的紮營處—Raurel Run。





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  1. 像這樣兩天的行程, 通常一天走多遠爬多高呢? 可以請問你負重多少嗎?
    我參加過beginner backpacking的課, 蠻有用的, 但裝備都有了之後, 重點還是要背包上肩真的去走吧! 心裡偷偷跟你看齊呢! 🙂
    對你的thru-hike CDT很有興趣喔! 屆時會把行程紀錄貼出來吧?

  2. nachtluft,

    我從來沒有量過我負重多少,目前也還不是 ultra-light hiking 的實驗者,等我以後買了彈簧秤,再回答你這個問題好了。

    所以你還沒有 backpacking 的經驗嗎?參加一些團隊辦的活動,慢慢累積一些經驗值喔,經驗是很重要的!


  3. 看你照片上笑得好開心

  4. 小帽,

    其實我也應該做一些 gardening 說,一直抽不出時間來。

  5. 看文的感覺也跟著你們隊伍上上下下哩,好有動感的一篇文章呀。我很喜歡照片裡的小Po,超快樂的樣子!

  6. 小 Po,
    是啊小 Po 這張照片很可愛。

  7. kathy,


  8. Ярослав Левченко

    Блин ну кто-нибудь переведет эти буковки хотя бы на английский?

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