Where to take a shower after a backpack?去哪兒洗澡?

I am planning a 10-day major excursion with Andrea Deaton for our club, the Appalachian Mountain Club. Besides the air travel days, we include 3 day hikes followed by a 5-day backpack in Yosemite National Park. Since we will only camp, whether we can find a close-by shower facility poses as a constraint on selecting the route for our backpack. Most of the shower houses in Yosemite National Park are located in the Yosemite Valley, which is to say if we can’t find other shower places, we probably should not backpack, for example, at the southeast region of the park, since it will take too much time to drive to the valley and then go to the airport.

Originally I had an idea that we can rent a motel room on our way to the airport; however, it will take too much time for 10 people to finish showering. Another option might be to purchase a day pass from a fitness gym in a town we pass by, but the option seems costly. Therefore we decided to look into state parks along the way. After some research on the Internet, I found two state recreation areas which are not too much deviated from our path to the airport and one semi-nearby hostel which sells showers to non-residents.

The preliminary results look satisfying, although I still need to call the places to confirm the fees and hours. I’ve never thought that showering could play such a significant part in trip planning, and I wonder, my dear friends, where do you shower after your backpack?

最近和Andrea Deaton為隸屬的登山團體Appalachian Mountain Club籌畫一長達十天的戶外行程。扣除前後坐飛機的兩天,需要準備在Yosemite國家公園,三天的單日健行,然後接著五天的backpack。關於歇宿,完全採取露營的方式,因此,能否就近找到洗澡的地方,成為隊伍在backpacking的路徑選擇上的一個重要考量。

在Yosemite國家公園,大部分的淋浴間都位在地理位置中央的Yosemite Valley,換句話說,如果找不到其他的地方洗澡,恐怕就不能到國家公園的東南角backpack,因為折回Yosemite Valley,會增加太多開車到機場所需的交通時間。



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  1. 我都是最多三天 不需洗澡的啦! 倒是對你的行程有興趣!

  2. 我目前最長紀錄28天,不過重點是不能臭兮兮的上飛機啊!

  3. 有過經驗的是在北橫下山後太晚無法回台北,在某國小搭帳蓬過夜,順便借學校的員工盥洗室洗澡.


  4. Well, you can always just stink on the plane 🙂 (I feel particulatly sorry for whomever got to sit next to me after 5 days in the Mojave Desert a few years back)

    Most truck stops have showers. These usually tend to be rather unsanitary and in less than ideal parts of town, but they’re cheap and quick.

    I know theres a place in Lee Vining that rents showers to backcountry folk, I can find out the details if you are planning on being up near Tioga Pass. I’m also pretty sure there are public showers in some of the campgrounds outside the west entrance of the park.

    You can always stop and take a dip in a lake as well. Not as good as a hot shower, but it’ll get the grim off of you.

  5. 三天就勉強別洗了吧! 不過之後的五天倒是比較麻煩…
    不過,沒有太多戶外活動經驗的我,還是少說兩句好了 >)

  6. I can take a ‘shower’ with my 2-litre water pack! I soap up, rinse down, and shave, using about 1.25 litres; I can even soap and rinse again using only an additional 0.25 litre! Nice – huh?

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